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Family-stay Montecito, Canelos, Pastaza, Ecuador

Homestay Canelos EcuadorThe family project "Montecito" offers an authentic family-stay experience, where you can learn about the local customs and traditions of the Kichwa people of Canelos. They are involved in protection of the local fauna, flora and ancestral traditions; and this is their contribution and call to the World, to help us to preserve natural beauty of the Amazon rainforest.

The house/hotel is located in the neighbourhood of "Renacer Amazónico", in front of the confluence of the river Lupambi with Bobonaza, in the village of Canelos, province of Pastaza.

There is a regular bus connection from Puyo to take you directly to Canelos, and the journey takes about 90 minutes.

The family project "Montecito" offers accommodation with comfortable beds, clean sheets and mosquito nets for your comfort.

Tourism Canelos EcuadorPara alimentación We offer typical Kichwa dishes like fish soup, "maytos" (leave-wrapped meat), chicken with the heart of the palm, farm chicken soup; all accompanied with 100% organic products. In drinks we serve "chicha" from maniok and palm-fruits (softly fermented drinks), natural juices, herbal and medicinal teas (cinnamon, guayusa, etc).

Cultural events
Once you visit Cabañas Montecito you are welcome to take a part in the typical dancing, face-paiting and games of the Kichwa people. There is also a playgrounds for sports such as footboll and volleyball, and swimming area in the river of Bobonaza.

Handcrafts Canelos EcuadorThe family invites you to participate in various activities that include elaboration of the hand-made ceramics like painted mugs, plates , pots and figurines; which are beautifully painted by Kichwa women with a variety of natural paintings; while the Kichwa man dedicates to weaving of baskets, bags and nets.

The native guides will take you for a journey in canoa on the river Bobonaza, walking in the jungle to watch the animals and flora, waterfalls, medicinal plants and visits to the indigenous villages.

We will also show you how important is the relation with the land and food production on our fields, where both women and men participate in gathering the daily food. This way we can serve a tasteful yuca (maniok), plátano (a green variety of banana), chontaduro (palm fruit), cacao, pineapple, papaya, sugar cane, avocado, maiz, peanuts, citric fruits, etc.

Waterfall Canelos EcuadorThe all-incluse tourist packet comes at $25 per day, that includes accommodation, three daily meals, drinks, and services of the tourist guide. Different conditions apply for the volunteers.

Phone: +593-(0)32.787.002 (Spanish language)
Cellular: 0969401815 (Spanish language)
(The email is revised weekly, we prefer communication in Spanish)

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