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Orchid and Botanical Garden of Puyo Ecuador

Orchids in EcuadorThis small reserve is a restoration center of the flora of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Beginning in the year 1980, Omar Tello, a local Puyo man has been working to restore this seven hectare patch of land into a healthy functioning forest. The reserve had previously been used as pasture land, creating severe problems with soil damage and erosion, thus causing significant difficulties in the restoration process. However, with careful planting, extensive use of natural fertilizers, and years and years of hard work, the forest is now able to support itself, now attracting insects and birds that had previously abandoned the land.

Orchids in EcuadorIn this small area one can admire countless species of orchids, one of the true wonders of the natural world of Ecuador. Aproxiametely one quarter of the 20,000 plants found in Ecuador are orchids, the majority of them located in the cloud forest habitats like those just outside of Pastaza. In the orchid and botanical garden one will not find potted plants nor exotic hybrids of cultivated orchids, rather local Ecuadorian species growing in their natural forest habitat. The forest also serves as a refuge for endangered rainforest trees, the same trees that are being logged indiscriminately throughout the Amazon region for timber and land clearing. At the orchid and botanical garden one can also learn about medicinal plants and plants used by the indigenous cultures of the Ecuatorian Amazon.

Orchids in EcuadorThe orchid and botanical garden also features a brand new interpretive center featuring a photographic exhibit of the restoration process, dating back to 1980. Visitors can see in photos how the colonization of the land has progressed through the years, from the early days of pasture to the current day of its forest state.

The reserve is open to volunteers and students who wish to assist in the study of orchids and their pollinating insects. The reserve is also open as a study model for interested communities who wish to implement reforestation plans. At the reserve one will see that restoration of degraded Amazonian lands is not easy, but it is certainly achievable.

Barrio Los Angeles - Puyo (Vía Union Base).

Bus “Los Angeles” leaves the city center from the front of San Francisco Bank every 15 minutes and costs $0.18. A taxi will cost about $3.

Open every day from 9-5, including weekends and holidays, but it is recommended to call or email first and make a reservation, especially if you cannot speak Spanish.
(03) 288 4855 (08) 591 6810

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Groups of 4-8 people $4 each

Mr. Omar Tello
Phone: (03) 288 4855; (08) 591 6810

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