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Attractions in Pastaza, Ecuador

The ten most popular sites in Pastaza

Puyo attractionsPastaza and Puyo have an incredible array of tourist attractions, some private and some public. While you visit these sites, you can gather an understanding of what the Ecuadorian Amazon has to offer in terms of natural resources and tourism opportunities. The top ten tourist sites in the province include hiking trails, wildlife centers, and rivers and waterfalls hidden deep in the jungle, as well as modern facilities such as aquatic parks and recreation sites. If you come to Puyo we recommend that you check out the following locations:

The Morete Puyo Water Park
This family oriented park is a swimming pool and center of aquatic activities, and is located in the Libertad neighborhood in the city of Puyo. The water park contains the tallest water slides in all of Ecuador, and Olympic sized pool, a state of the art wave pool, as well as games for children and an infant pool.

Ethno Botanical Park Omaere
Ethno Botanical Park OmaereThe Ethno Botanical Park Omaere, founded in 1993, is one of the first ethno botanical parks in all of South America. An ethno botanical garden is a site that preserves and educates about the cultural uses of plants. Omaere focuses on medicinal plants and the plants used by the indigenous cultures of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Hola Vida Waterfall
This private forest reserve is located off the road towards Puyupungo, 30 minutes from the city of Puyo. Upon arriving at the reserve, one can take a half hour hike through the jungle to a stunning waterfall.

Fatima Animal Park
Fatima Animal ParkThis animal rescue center is located nine kilometers from Puyo in the direction of Tena. The center has won multiple national and international prizes for its innovative and dedicated conservation work. This animal park is open to tourists and students of biology throughout the week.

The dyke of Mera
This swimming area of the Rio Tigre is located in Mera, Pastaza, just 15 minutes from the city of Puyo, heading towards Banos. The dyke is part of a tourist complex suitable for families to relax and swim in a comfortable environment.

Orchid and Botanical Garden
Orchid and Botanical GardenThis prívate reserve is located on the outskirts of the city of Puyo, an area of seven hectares that has been working to restore the flora of the Amazon for more than 25 years. With careful hand restoration, the reserve is a model of conservation for the restoration of degraded Amazonian ecosystems. In this small area one can observe myriad orchids salvaged from logged forests of the region, in addition to rare and endangered species of the Amazon region. After years of restoration, the reserve now resembles a natural ecosystem, complete with insects, amphibians, and mammals, and is open to the pubic to observe and study the wonder of Amazon ecosystems.

Rio Puyo Riverwalk
River Puyo RiverwalkThis trail along the Puyo River is located within the confines of the city of Puyo, complete with tourist lodges and cabins, camping, and restaurants. The Puyo River trail is an excellent location to birdwatch as well as relax and swim in the river.

Community Tourism in Cotococha
The community of Cotococha is located thirty minutes from the city of Puyo in the direction of Macas, in the Kichwa region named Puyupungo. Indigenous Kichwa families in the community have opened their homes to visitors to learn about their environment and culture.

Ethnic and Archaeological Museum of Puyo
Puyo museumIn the city of Puyo this museum is an excellent location to learn about the numerous indigenous cultures of the region. Located on the third floor of the city government building in the center of town, this museum features archaeological relics of the cultures of the region.

Exotic Bird Park
This small bird park features numerous species of birds from the Amazonian region as well as exotic birds from other parts of the world. Here you can see birds such as parrots and macaws of the Amazon as well as ostriches and Asian hens.

Ecuador Organic Farm
Visit and learn about sustainable argiculture on our organic rainforest farm. Volunteering programs available. The farm is currently available for sale.

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